Under Fire: Journalists in Combat

Under Fire: Journalists in Combat

Only two journalists were killed in World War I. Iraq has so far claimed 120. The recent Libyan uprising has already claimed the lives of four and global conflict looks set to continue…

War journalism has become an increasingly lethal endeavor. Not only are correspondents viewed as targets, they are often subject to kidnappings, torture and even beheadings.

Under Fire weaves together portraits of these journalists and photographers; those who have survived physically, but have succumbed emotionally to what they have witnessed.

Inspired by the work of Dr Anthony Feinstein, the psychiatrist who has been on retainer to many of the world’s major news networks and publications, Under Fire looks at the psychological cost of war as seen through the eyes of combat journalists whose stories make up this powerful and unique film.

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Festivals and Awards

Oscar Shortlisted: Best Documentary Feature, Academy Awards 2012


100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes

“Reckons with its subject in straightforward but engrossingly tough-minded fashion”
- Variety

Harrowing documentary details the traumas of combat journalism”
- Hollywood Reporter

“Drives home the traumatic nature of the gig - how it creates adrenaline junkies, ruins personal relationships and often leads to crippling PTSD…..their firsthand accounts and the feelings they engendered are brutally vivid”
- L.A Times

“Fascinating and often devastating”
- L.A Weekly

“One of the year’s best documentaries, is devastating yet deeply insightful”
- Popzara

“Skillfully crafted and profoundly poignant”
- L.A Splash